Paloma García Gutiérrez

 Our services include:

  • General advice on Employment Law.
  • Legal assistance before courts and tribunals of the social and judicial order. Intervention in conciliation and arbitration bodies. Defence before the Labour Inspectorate.
  • Negotiation of sectoral and company bargaining agreements. Dialogue with workers’ legal representation.
  • Senior management and other special workforce relations.
  • Redundancy procedures. Work force adjustment plans.
  • Workforce restructuring processes, downsizing, subcontracting, outsourcing and corporate succession.
  • Drawing up remuneration policies. Design and implementation of equality plans.
  • Social Security and benefit law. Risk prevention and occupational health law.


  • Termination of employment
  • International mobility.
  • Retirement
  • Functional mobility or change of functions
  • Stock Options


  • Termination of employment
  • Workplace disciplinary measures
  • Contract amendments
  • Incapacity for work
  • Reconciling personal and professional life
  • Geographic mobility
  • Illness and accidents
  • Contestation of medical discharge
  • Retirement


  • Termination of employment
  • International posting of workers
  • Inspections
  • Work force adjustment plans
  • Substantial change of working conditions (salary decrease)

Our professional commitment is based on the permanent updating in the knowledge and application of the tax rules, as well as in carrying out an adequate planning of the legislative compliance for our clients.