PADILLA & ASOCIADOS has a commercial partnership with GRUPO ASESORÍA INTEGRAL, for the specialised provision of various services



C/ Hoya Molino, 22. 38510 Barranco Hondo

Candelaria. phone n.: 922 244 931 Fax.: 922 519 935

[email protected]

The services we offer include:

  • Insurance brokerage with professionals with more than 45 years of experience in management positions as Insurers and Insurance Brokers
  • Insurance Brokerage operating on a national scale, with 20 years’ experience offering comprehensive services to small and medium enterprises, individuals, official bodies, associations, communities, etc.
  • We work with the largest Insurance Companies, both nationally and internationally.
  • We belong to Apromes (Professional Association of Insurance Mediators).
  • Broad market penetration in the business fabric of the Canary Islands.
  • We work with all insurance types for companies and professionals: Life at all levels, private insurance, vehicle fleets, Civil and Professional Liability, transportation, security, etc.
  • Management reports and claims handling with all insurers.
  • Exclusive products for our customers with broad contractual freedoms. We help you to be perfectly protected.
  • We analyse insurance programs free of charge, both those of individuals and companies. Consult us with no obligation.
  • We are specialists in giving you your best insurance solution.


-C/Dr. Miguel López González, 4

Piso 1º, Oficina 2 38003 S/C de Tenerife phone n.: 922 293 142 Fax.: 922 293 143

-Edif. Valdés Center Local A-26 38650 Los Cristianos – Arona

phone n.: 922 794 596 Fax.: 922 293 143

[email protected]

Services provided are:

– Services and professional development (horizontal):

  • Basic consultancy: Advice and instruction to the Governing Board and the Board of Owners on all aspects that could affect the community.
  • Accounting: Control of accounting movements by mechanised means, balance sheets, increases, etc., and information on the economic situation of the community.
  • Income and expense budgets: Preparation of the regular budget, in accordance with the appropriations necessary to the proper conservation of the property, and its distribution among the properties.
  • Issuance of receipts: Presentation according to the concepts and the period approved in the meeting of the Board of Owners, for ordinary or extraordinary payments and consumption of supplies, as well as managing collection, except for judicial claims.
  • Inspection: Visits, attention and checks of the conservation and maintenance of the building, its elements, and facilities and services in common, immediately adopting the necessary measures, whether preventive or corrective.
  • Execution of agreements: Application of those adopted by the General Meeting of Owners.
  • Purchasing control: Payments in accordance with the budgets approved by the Assembly.
  • Various procedures: Actions necessary before Official Organisations and Companies, attention and compliance with administrative deadlines, procedures, etc.
  • Secretariat: Act where appropriate, keeping and making available to owners the community’s documentation.
  • Other services: Personal assistence at the General Meetings of Owners.

– Services and professional development (vertical):

  • Rent: Search for tenants and valuation of the rental price if necessary.
  • Lease contracts: drawing up, preparation and signing by the participants.
  • Issuance of receipts: Preparation of income receipts and other concepts, supplies, etc.
  • Purchase control: Repairs and other payments previously authorised by the lessor.
  • Building maintenance: Attention to its condition and preparation of the appropriate warnings and notices to the tenants.
  • Revenue review: Update contract in accordance with previous, current and subsequent Legislations.
  • Reports: Presentation of quarterly liquidations to the owner.

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