Alfonso Padilla Peña, founder of the firm in 2009, is a professional in the world of law who decided to create the firm to respond to the needs of large companies and SMEs, as well as self-employed entrepreneurs, professionals and individuals. In that year, the firm began its activity by opening a first headquarters in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where its main office is still found today.

Very soon he was joined by a team of specialists in different areas and so the office began to grow. In 2012, the firm expanded out of the Canaries to open in Madrid, with the acquisition of a tax consultancy firm with more than 26 years of experience in the sector. Currently it has two further offices on the Island of Tenerife, one in the south of the island and one in the north.

Padilla & Associates offers tax, legal, accounting and workplace services, auditing of accounts, and management and domiciliation of companies, and has offices in Tenerife and Madrid.

Why place your trust in us?

Because we adapt to the personal circumstances and socio-economic situation of each client to give the best response.
We do our work at a price that the market recognises as reasonable and we do it thinking about the specific need of each case.
That is why we like to give a friendly and very personal service.

How do we provide our help?

By always being available. Both in person and through the means facilitated by new technologies, we always try to respond to our customers in the shortest possible time.

We are committed to the convenience, immediacy and efficiency that are afforded us by new forms of communication and working, such as the intensive use of email, the storage of documentation and information in the “cloud”, or “online” services through shared space.

We also send our regular electronic newsletter via which we keep our clients and collaborators informed about news that may be of interest to them.

What makes us different from the rest?

That for us each client and his / her case are unique and we treat them as such. It is not about increasing client numbers, but about the quality of work.

Enjoying what we do in order to focus our energy on solving your problem.

Auditing experts

In the highly competitive and endlessly changing environment of financial regulation, the audit of accounts is a fundamental process in the gaining of credibility, in facilitating the external relations of the company and in ensuring strategic and operational decision-making based on truthful financial information.

Auditing services must be provided by a qualified professional who is entitled to do so by the Official Register of Account Auditors (ROAC) of the Accounting and Audit Institute (ICAC), an autonomous body attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

You cannot leave the work of auditing annual accounts to just any professional, and that is why in our firm this area is led by an expert qualified specifically for this task.