We offer you our services provided by professional teams, focused on satisfying the needs the client presents in each specific case, and ensuring integrated and global solutions with special attention to their practical implementation.

Alfonso Padilla

Jacobo Rodríguez Miragaya

Alfonso Paz

Our aims are:

  • To optimise client taxation.
  • To ensure compliance with the general and particular regulations applicable to the activity of each client.
  • To ensure harmony between compliance with regulations in the business process, financial structure and the cash-flow situation of our customers.
  • To offer comprehensive advice on both administrative and judicial processes deriving from tax checks by the authorities.
  • To provide support in the processes of acquisition, merger, sale or division of companies.

Our professional commitment is based on constantly updating our knowledge and application of taxation rules, as well as on carrying out proper planning to ensure regulatory compliance for our clients.

Our services include:

  • Advice and assistance to our clients in all instances.
  • Tax planning and analysis prior to the end of the financial year in Value Added Tax / Canary Islands General Income Tax, Income Tax and Corporation Tax.
  • Reports and technical advice on taxation matters of especial complexity.
  • Preparation of expert evidentiary reports
  • Study, preparation and presentation of appeals on tax matters in all administrative bodies (appeals for reconsideration or economic-administrative claims) and in judicial proceedings.
  • Tax analysis of creations, transformations, mergers and settlements of companies, as well as real estate and financial investments.
    Tax Inspections: assistance, defence, response to requirements, settlements and appeals in all the Taxes of our sphere of activity involving any agency.
  • Tax management activity; responding to authority requirements; presentation of declarations; processing and request of tax refunds.
  • Advance consultancy on the most appropriate legal form for the creation of a company from a fiscal point of view.
  • Tax audits (Due Diligence) prior to investment in a company, to analyse in-depth the fulfilment by the same of all formal and material obligations; to evaluate any contingent liabilities.
  • Tax representation before the tax authorities for international entities that operate in Spain. We adhere to the agreements of the AEAT (Spanish National Tax Authority) governing collaboration with third parties in the presentation of declarations on behalf of third parties and the system of mandatory receipt of electronic notifications (NEO).
  • Analysis of transfer pricing regulations and preparation of documentation for related operations.
702, 2022

Sentencia 720

February 7th, 2022|0 Comments

El pasado día 27 de enero de 2022, se ha ganado la batalla contra el modelo 720. Con la publicación de la sentencia en el asunto C-788/19 finaliza la lucha iniciada por la AEDAF en [...]

2107, 2021

Circular 1/2021 del Consejo Rector ZEC

July 21st, 2021|0 Comments

El presidente del Consorcio de la Zona Especial Canaria (ZEC), Don Pablo Hernández Barreda, nos ha hecho llegar la Circular 1/2021 del Consejo Rector por la que se hace público el criterio de la Dirección [...]

1407, 2021

Nuevos límites de pagos en efectivo

July 14th, 2021|0 Comments

La entrada de vigor de la Ley 11/2021, de 9 de julio, de medidas de prevención y lucha contra el fraude fiscal, en lo que a la minoración del límite de pagos en efectivo de [...]