Kim Salcedo Simpson y Ruymán Díaz Molina

María Isabel Tesouro Fernández


The outsourcing of accounting and fiscal compliance services allows our clients to allocate important resources to the main business, while the management of administrative and accounting processes is carried out with reliability and at a lower cost than if it were performed internally, without losing access to the financial information necessary for decision making.

Our management and accounting advice service allows our clients access to financial reports prepared in accordance with the current Accounting Standards and with a deep knowledge of the business. These reports provide understandable and extremely useful information for decision-making, while also providing a faithful representation of the equity, financial situation and results of the company. These services include book-keeping; the preparation and presentation of the annual accounts; and the preparation and presentation of tax returns:

  • Annual Accounts and Official Account Registers.
  • State taxes: Value Added Tax / Canary Islands Indirect General Tax, Income Tax for Individuals, Non-Resident Tax, Property Tax, Corporation Tax, Property Transfer Tax and Documented Legal Acts, Inheritance and Donation Tax.
  • Local taxes: Tax on Economic Activities, Tax on Property, Tax on the Increase of the Value of the land, Tax on Buildings Installations and Works.
  • Recurring and one-off tax returns: study, preparation and presentation, whether annual or quarterly or monthly.


The importance of employment law within the company and the constant legislative modifications in this area make the intervention of a specialised team increasingly valuable and necessary, who can take on the significant workload and responsibility that this entails.

Our firm offers global solutions for our clients that cover the following aspects:

  • Preparation of payroll and social security and their electronic delivery.
  • Application and updating of workplace agreements and regulations.
  • Processing the taking-on and laying-off of staff as well as other variations in the workforce.
    Registration of Companies with Social Security and subsequent modifications (administrative changes, new contribution account codes, etc.).
  • Mutual society subscriptions.
  • Declaring as self-employed and other special tax regimes.
  • Employment contracts, extensions and renovations, taking into account the distinct types and possible subsidies and bonuses. Advance notice giving sufficient forewarning of the expiration of contracts.
  • Risk Prevention Plans.
  • Contracts and remuneration for executives.
  • Quarterly Personal Income Tax (IRPF) Return form 111 and Yearly Return form 190. Certificates regarding tax retention and communication of information to payer.
  • Work inspections: assistance, defence, response to petitions, settlements and appeals.
  • Representation in Acts of Conciliation in the SMAC (Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service) and during dismissal procedures.
  • Employment audits. Staff costs studies. Compensation.
  • Management of the workplace: registering or deregistering an entity with Social Security, as well as changes in information pertaining to and legal status of the same; legalising visitors’ books; communicating the opening of a workplace to the corresponding Autonomous Community.
  • Reports on the cost of the workers for the company.
  • Studies on “Flexible remuneration” and social benefits for cost and tax savings (IRPF).
  • Studies of absenteeism and accidents at work.
  • Certificates of being up-to-date with payments in Social Security.
  • Working life of the company and its workers.
702, 2022

Sentencia 720

February 7th, 2022|0 Comments

El pasado día 27 de enero de 2022, se ha ganado la batalla contra el modelo 720. Con la publicación de la sentencia en el asunto C-788/19 finaliza la lucha iniciada por la AEDAF en [...]

2107, 2021

Circular 1/2021 del Consejo Rector ZEC

July 21st, 2021|0 Comments

El presidente del Consorcio de la Zona Especial Canaria (ZEC), Don Pablo Hernández Barreda, nos ha hecho llegar la Circular 1/2021 del Consejo Rector por la que se hace público el criterio de la Dirección [...]

1407, 2021

Nuevos límites de pagos en efectivo

July 14th, 2021|0 Comments

La entrada de vigor de la Ley 11/2021, de 9 de julio, de medidas de prevención y lucha contra el fraude fiscal, en lo que a la minoración del límite de pagos en efectivo de [...]